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The Armory

Taggers (Guns)- Razorback-S

-Our taggers are powerful and accurate.

-They function Indoors or Outdoors.

-Max. Range is 1000 feet and you can expect around 400 feet in broad daylight.

-Our taggers are also light weight (1.5#)

-They come equipped with a red/green dot scope, and adjustable butt stock. (Butt stock can be removed for events with small children, but most prefer to just shoulder it like a rocket launcher.)

-The Razorback also has a large array of Game, Power, and Weapon settings; which allows us to accommodate any player ages 5 and up.  

-These taggers, combined with the other gear in our armory provide a fast action, high adrenaline adventure that you and your VIP are sure to enjoy.

Game Box
Game Box
Respawn Boxes

-Unlike traditional laser tag, we are a Tactical Laser Tag company.

Part of this involves the Respawn Boxes. When a player is "Knocked Out" of the game they must return to their Respawn Base to reactivate their tagger. This does several things. It penalizes players for not using barricades, strategy, and teamwork, And it makes our Mission Oriented games more entertaining. 

-Our Respawn Boxes are very easy to use, simply hold your tagger close to the box and press the Red button.

Game Boxes

Another aspect of Tactical Laser Tag involves our Game Boxes.

These devices are equipped with the same LEDs, sensors, and 

radios as the taggers. That allows us to use them as targets, weapons, resupply stations, medic kits, and Zombie/Infection devices. 

For example:

Attack and Defend-

Each team has a Game Box set of Defender.

Your objective is to shoot your opponents Box as many times as you can (during the allotted time) while defending your box from attack. Our Operators have the option of setting the Box to fight back as well, so be cautious in your approach!

Domination Pro

The Flagship of our operation, due to the popularity of the game)

is our Domination Box. Red and Blue face off to see who will be

The King of The Hill. As the Domination Box takes hits, it scores for either Red or Blue. A dial on the face lights up according to who has dealt the most damage. Once it is a solid color, then that team is in control of The Hill. They must now Hold The Hill for as long as possible. The team who controlled The Hill the longest, when time expires, is the victor. A "Pie Chart" is clearly displayed on the face of the box to show the winner. 

Domination Box

Strike Force Laser Tag: A Mobile Laser Tag Adventure Serving Carthage, Texas and Surrounding Areas

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