This Is NOTHING Like Your Previous Laser Tag Experience.
 Our Taggers Are Designed For Indoor/Outdoor Day or Night Operations.

They Come Equipped With An Adjustable Stock, Accurate Red/Green Dot Scope (To Maximize Effective Range), and Headband Sensors (NO BULKY VEST).
Weighing In At Just Over 1 Pound, Our Taggers Can Be Wielded By Anyone Ages 5+.
  Tactical Laser Tag Brings Video Games Off Of The Couch And Into The Great Outdoors.

Our Team Oriented, Objective Base Games Include:
Picket Fences
Team Elimination
King of The Hill
Attack and Defend
Capture The Flag
Search and Destroy
Hazmat Shuffel
Golden Gun

A Mobile Laser Tag Adventure Serving Carthage, Texas and Surrounding Areas

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Carthage, TX E-mail: booking@strikeforcelaser.com Tel: 903-806-5276 

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Intel Packets are littered across the playing field. Teams must gather as much Intel as possible before time expires. Teams can collect Intel from the field, and Intel left by players that are knocked out, or can mount an offensive against their opponents' Intel Depot. The team with the most Intel wins.