This Is NOTHING Like Your Previous Laser Tag Experience.
 Our Taggers Are Designed For Indoor/Outdoor Day or Night Operations.

They Come Equipped With An Adjustable Stock, Accurate Red/Green Dot Scope (To Maximize Effective Range), and Headband Sensors (NO BULKY VEST).
Weighing In At Just Over 1 Pound, Our Taggers Can Be Wielded By Anyone Ages 5+.
  Tactical Laser Tag Brings Video Games Off Of The Couch And Into The Great Outdoors.

Our Team Oriented, Objective Base Games Include:
Picket Fences
Team Elimination
King of The Hill
Attack and Defend
Capture The Flag
Search and Destroy
Hazmat Shuffel
Golden Gun

A Mobile Laser Tag Adventure Serving Carthage, Texas and Surrounding Areas

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Carthage, TX E-mail: booking@strikeforcelaser.com Tel: 903-806-5276 

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Hazmat Shuffel

A twist on "Center Flag". Teams battle for control of a Hazardous Material. Once returned to their base, the team in control must verify that the material hasn't leak out.